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The younger Balašević grew up on Jovan Cvijić street in Novi Sad, in the same house where he currently lives. He started writing poetry in primary school. He left high school in the third year (because, in his words, he hated subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry) but managed to get a high school diploma as part-time student and passed the preliminary exam for the university study of geography. He never graduated from the university. Instead, he joined the band Žetva (Harvest) in 1977.

The word klapa translates as “a group of people” and klapa music is a form of traditional Croatian “a cappella” singing coming from Dalmatia. The motifs and text of this type of song in general celebrate love, wine (grapes), olive, country (homeland), sea and in this case the home tavern. Main elements of the music are harmony and melody.

In December 1983, Balašević released the album Celovečernji The Kid ( Wholevening the Kid ), [10] which featured hits "Svirajte mi 'Jesen stiže, dunjo moja'" ("Play 'Autumn Is Coming, My Dear' to Me"), "Neko to od gore vidi sve" ("Someone from up above Watches it All"), "Blues mutne vode" ("Muddy Water Blues"), "Lunjo" ("Hey, Tramp") and "Don Francisco Long Play". The following album, 003 , was released in 1985, [11] and brought hits "Slovenska" (" Slavic Song"), "Al' se nekad dobro jelo" ("Back Then Eating Was Good"), "Badnje veče" (" Christmas Eve ") and "Olivera".

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Djordje Balasevic (Serbian latin: Đorđe Balašević , Serbian cyrillic: Ђорђе Балашевић , born May 11, 1953 in Novi Sad, Serbia) is a prominent Serbian songwriter and singer. Balasevic's songs have always had a strong pacifistic note and often talked about love in his unique way. Listening to Balasevic isn't just listening to music, it's living a philosophy of peace, love, unity and tolerance. He worked with famous gitarists such are Jovan Demirović, Elvis Stanić, Nikša Sviličić and many others. Upon joining band… read more

The discography of Đorđe Balašević , Serbian and former Yugoslavian singer-songwriter, currently contains 13 studio albums (11 as a solo artist), two live albums ...

Before his career as a solo-artist, Balašević was a member of bands Žetva (1977-1978) and Rani Mraz (1978-1981) with whom he recorded two studio albums.

Đorđe Balašević* Balašević - U Tvojim Molitvama (Balade)Đorđe Balašević* Balašević - U Tvojim Molitvama (Balade)Đorđe Balašević* Balašević - U Tvojim Molitvama (Balade)Đorđe Balašević* Balašević - U Tvojim Molitvama (Balade)